Product details

Automated Beverage Station. Quickly blends any ingredients directly in the cup. This same cup will be served to the customer. After blending, the system cleans itself automatically in just 15 seconds. Requirements

  • Space: 4 Foot
  • Electricity: 120V electrical plug
  • Plumbing: Fresh water and drain connection


  • Creates drinks from whole fruits and vegetables
  • 120 pre-packed 16 oz cups freezer capacity
  • Automatic adding any liquid additive such as plant-based milk, water, etc.

Order now

Automated Beverage Station.

Monthly $472.00 USD

Estimated profit

  • Est. additional monthly profit: $2,700
  • Avg. profit per cup: $3.00

Calculations are based on 30 cup sales per day. This calculation is for general reference only.